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This Red Door presents: Fuller Lectures "THIS MUST BE THE PLACE" from Jomar Statkun on Vimeo.

This Red Door presents: Fuller Lectures "THIS MUST BE THE PLACE"
with Simone Kearney, Per Schumann, Renata Palekcic, and Jomar Statkun

Stories about shared spaces, collaborative practices, team spirit, consensus and contention. A lecture at Westwerk in collaboration with This Red Door.

July 18th, 2015
Westwerk, Hamburg

This Red Door 2015

"This Red Door" (a brief look back)/2014-15 Fundraising Drive from Jomar Statkun on Vimeo.

Dear Friends,

Fall 2014 marks three years of the experiment in art, arts education and community building that has become This Red Door. In that time, we have established a network of artists, educators, and individuals from all walks of life who believe in the potential of creativity and discussion to encourage positive dialogue and friendly bonds between human beings. It has been a good time and a stellar learning experience for all involved.

Our goal remains to create open learning environments, and to promote the creation and maintenance of free spaces where people gather to exchange diverse and sometimes contrarian ideas, and above all listen to each other. This Red Door has taken many shapes, but collaboration has always been the mantra. Through a constant practice of cooperation, This Red Door has shared opportunities and resources with active participants and casual visitors alike. From the beginning at Painting Space 122 in Manhattan, to Berlin and back to Brooklyn, we (and you) have put together an amazing room full of books, art, food, drink, performances, events, and informal time to just be.

And now we’re gearing up to continue our work in 2015. We are developing a number of exciting projects that we’ll announce as they take shape, but suffice it to say that we are planning to bring TRD to new places and new audiences around the country and the world.

This Red Door